on writing – editing vs. censorship

I try to write for myself on this blog. Which means that I do as little censoring as possible.

But I find myself less than happy with the blog’s content; I feel like it doesn’t quite reflect my proficiency as a writer. So, let’s look at the difference between censoring and editing.

Censoring has to do with ideas, whereas editing has to do with the presentation of ideas. Censoring involves not including an opinion, whereas editing is a process that allows for the fullest expression of opinions.

so I figured it out! I should include my opinions, but edit them so that they’re well-stated!

And of course that will still be in my voice – I never look at the particular writing structure of other people. My writing style is my own, as long as I actually put my best writing out there. Otherwise my opinions are left unsupported, which might be why I have trouble convincing myself that I believe things.

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