An Excerpt from my First Script

At age 10, myself, my sister, and our friend Sarah decided that we would direct, choreograph, and produce a three-person version of The Lion King (Broadway edition, of course). Here is an excerpt from the script I wrote for this occasion:

SIMBA: I’m glad that’s over.

NALA: Yeah, my idea really worked.

SIMBA: Your idea? It was my idea!

(babble on and start to tackle each other. Roll into elephant graveyard Nala on top of Simba.)

NALA: Ha! Pinned ya again!

As you can see, this take on The Lion King was purely revolutionary. But actually, I wrote four drafts of this. FOUR! I don’t even write four drafts now. If this doesn’t reveal something about my personality, I don’t know what does….also the fact that I got to the end of the first act and then never wrote the second half. Hm??


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