people who i’ve learned from

I was about to start writing up a draft of my theatrical resume and was going through a list of all the people I’ve taken workshops with in the past two and a half years. ┬áIf someone had told freshman year Laura that she would get to work with all of these people, she probably wouldn’t have believed them. Here’s the list:

UCB Tourco

Joe Bozic (Brave New Workshop)

Splendid Things (Minneapolis)

Peter McNerney (Magnet Theater)

Jason Chin (iO)

Susan Messing (Annoyance, Second City)

Shelly Gossman (Second City, iO, SNL)

Joe Bill (Annoyance, iO)

Drew Kersten (UCBLA, HUGE, etc)

That list may not be very long, but it’s almost hard for me to believe that I actually took workshops from this group of people! I’ve met them! They remembered my name for at least a few hours! Huge thanks to the HUGE, too – I wouldn’t have been able to do many, many of these workshops without them.