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Is it bragging to tell people things you’re thankful for?

I have this awesome friend names Emma. I’ve known her since she was born, which was two weeks after I was born. We grew up together in our little Minneapolis Lutheran church.

Here is one of the reasons that Emma is awesome:

I do improv and love sketch comedy. Emma and I have always loved SNL; on Sunday mornings, we’d quote the best update jokes and characters at church. This was mostly an inappropriate thing to do. But aside from that, Emma’s not pursuing comedy, really, and she’s not a nerd about it like I am. But about a month ago, I called Emma on a Monday night. I asked her if she would want to go to Chicago with me that Friday. (Note: we are not spontaneous people).

Know what Emma said? Yes. She just said yes.

We went to Chicago for the best 2 days ever. We saw 3 shows at iO and “Who Do We Think We Are?” at Second City. And Emma not only listened to everything I told her about comedy and the theatres, being my nerdy self, but she appreciated it. We had a dialogue about it.

I’m blessed, really blessed, I feel like that word is accurate for this scenario, to have a lot of great friends. A lot of best friends, even. But I don’t know of too many others that would be willing to just drop everything and go somewhere for things that they’re not necessarily that passionate about.

Emma did that for me.

She went to Chicago again this past weekend to get her visa (she’s a Frenchie, ya know, just heading to Paris next semester, nbd), and she went to see the e.t.c. show at Second City that we hadn’t gotten to see. And she freaking WROTE DOWN ALL THE SKETCHES so she could tell me about them and we could talk about it!

So I’m thankful. To say the least, to have a friend that is interested in what I love. And I’ve gotta say, I think I’d do the same for Emma. She is the best.